Ana’s Reason 8.

I went from only child/grandchild to orphan in three months,
Since then, I’ve moved about the world not wanting to be a burden.

Peggy Sharp is not completely fine.

A friend recently recommended a new book to me, Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine. Have any of you read it? It was one of the several books I bought at Powell’s that day in Portland. I haven’t actually read it yet, and maybe I should wait to write a post about it, but whatever. What…

Lessons from Portlandia.

Last weekend was my favorite weekend of the year. My kickball team plays in the annual Red Rubber Showdown, a kickball tournament hosted by Underdog Sports Leagues, in Portland, OR. We make a whole thing of it – driving down on Thursday, spending the day together on Friday, the tournament on Saturday, then heading back…