Recovery is hard.

I thought I already knew that, but apparently I needed to learn it all over again. I have a really hard time taking up space, both literal and figurative, in this world. I try not to talk about myself very much, and if I do, I talk fast. I move my grocery cart to the…

6 Keys to Body Acceptance

Body acceptance is an ongoing journey. I have come a long way on mine, and offer 6 keys to achieving body acceptance.

How to conquer “fear foods”

Are there foods you don’t allow yourself to have because you fear you’ll lose control or feel guilty? This is how you can conquer your fear foods once and for all!

Body acceptance & diet culture – you can’t have both.

As a patient in treatment for anorexia, I had a classic paradox: mistrustful and compliant. Ana takes away the ability to trust anyone except her. She convinced me that my treatment team just wanted me to gain weight, but they didn’t really care about me. I doubted every piece of information they gave me, whether…

Anorexia, recovery, and privilege

Eating disorders do not discriminate, but what about the idea of having privilege to have an ed? Or having privilege in order to recover?

International No Diet Day!

On this, my 364th day since entering residential treatment for anorexia, it is coincidentally No Diet Day! What’s in a year? I’ll tell you…

On trolls, blogging, and fatphobia

If I didn’t have trollophobia, these are all the REALLY TRUE THINGS I would say about what’s wrong with our (crappy American diet) culture…