Facing the kitchen. Literally.

My department moved to a new building on campus last month. Above is the view from my new office. The person in anorexia recovery won the coveted spot directly facing the kitchen. Does anyone else appreciate the irony? I did laugh when I found out. And I mentioned we moved last month…December…the holidays. What I’ve observed: Everyone on my floor making their lunch, including smells Lots of holiday treats left out for all to have Chatting, lots of chatting. About food. About weight. About body image. Diet culture. I haven’t come up with my strategy for dealing with this yet…

How to #jugglealltheballs in 3 simple ways

QOTD: How do you juggle all the balls you have? I have some answers below, but would love to hear your ideas! Alright folks. I took my longest break from writing a blog post since I went public. I didn’t mean to…it’s just…well…I’ve been…well…life went bonkers. So, everything was great (I mean, not really but you know). I was mostly juggling the balls I had, which is an achievement most days. Then my boss (who I adore) told us he was leaving for a new position. Problem: our department is $1m in the hole and not hiring when someone leaves….