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This site is meant to be a place of healing for people who are struggling to love and accept themselves and be a safe space to see what eating disorder recovery can look like as it’s happening (most stuff out there is written by folks who have “recovered”) and support your own journey – with blogs posts, as well as organizations, people to follow, reading, music and video resources.

I recently started a weekly newsletter called Recovery Space (you can sign up for it right HERE!) As an academic, I have been reading voraciously on all the stuff I could get my hands on around the topics I am passionate about:

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Recovery Space, in addition to, is how I share with all of you the awesome resources I come across that support me in my own journey make peace with my body and food, and can likely help you in yours!

What I Can Offer You:

My Story:

If you are interested in more details about my story, you can take a look at my Life Narrative as well as two former blog posts: Diary of a Psychological Anorexic and Diary of an Actual Anorexic. Between these three essays, you’ll get the idea. 2018-present is documented on

But for a quick synopsis:

Where there were plenty of signs in late high school and early college, anorexia got its first major stronghold over me just after college, from 2003-2004.

Despite not seeking treatment, I managed to “recover” which for me, meant yo-yo dieting and binge-restrict-binge cycle eating from 2005-2015 until I became pregnant.

In March 2017, I determined to lose the baby weight and get back to my pre-pregnancy weight. I accomplished that goal, but became obsessed with losing weight and being thin. In January 2018, I took myself to a counselor for help and was immediately diagnosed with severe anorexia and depression.

Since then, I have been in various levels of treatment from outpatient to daytime to residential and back to outpatient. 

I have spent my time in recovery learning everything I can to heal…it started with eating disorder recovery, and has evolved into body acceptance, body liberation, fat acceptance, Health at Every Size, intuitive eating, diet culture, and more. It is this journey that has brought me to sharing what I have learned on this site and wanting Mommystrongtx to be a place where you can find resources to help you on your own journey.

Sending love and healing, Peggy Sharp (AKA Mommystrongtx)

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