Lessons from the Injured List

Okay, so I’ll admit it. My OCD/type A/anxiety whatever had taken pretty full control of that last blog post. I was feeling extremely pressured (by only me, myself, and I) to keep training for the marathon no matter what.

It took a case of “extreme tendonitis” for God to slow my roll (literally, thank you very much).

The “rush” feeling was because I am not a runner, and in order to have a single prayer of actually running a marathon, skipping a day on the training plan was NOT an option. And yet…my ankles begged to disagree.

Y’all, I tried to walk the 3 miles on the training plan last Wednesday. It did NOT go well. I walked half a mile and realized, “Oh crap, I have to walk back whatever I do here and I’m already in pain. Gotta turn back.”

And so, hobbling (a little dramatic, but really not much) back to the tune of “All I Do is Win,” I hung up my training plan for the time being. I decided to re-evaluate the whole deal and realized a few key things:

  • I don’t have to make a decision right now. I can actually just take this a day at a time, and determine at a later date whether I will still try for the full, switch to the half, or back out.
  • I realized the half is an appealing option. I made a pros & cons list of running the marathon, and in doing so, I realized that I can actually still accomplish all of my pros while also avoiding the cons – hooray! AND…I still don’t have to decide yet.
  • Goals are adaptable, malleable, adjustable. It’s smart to adjust to reality than to push some original goal that isn’t working anymore. Right now, I would like to walk to a meeting on a different part of campus or go grocery shopping without ending up in excruciating pain. #goals
  • I have the awesomest tribe of people in my corner. So many people chimed in with thoughtful comments and I REALLY appreciated EACH one. Not only did I get some great advice, but I got to know many of you and a piece of your own stories that you shared in the context of this adventure. THANK YOU!

For now, I’m on Team World Vision Austin’s Injured List (IL) without a set date for returning to the active roster. And that’s okay.

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  1. Whenever I find myself out for a period I always remind myself the marathons aren’t going anywhere. Wishing you a fast recovery!

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