25% down, 75% to go

I’m one quarter of the way done with marathon training.

I have to admit Ana has her moments with me in this whole thing. For example, I can’t believe that I have almost finished week FIVE of training, having run 74.1 miles, and I have GAINED a pound. GAINED.

If any of you tries to tell me “muscle weighs more than fat”, I’ll punch you in the face.

It makes me want to quit. I’m so exhausted. My body hurts. I am not spending as much time with my daughter. And I GAINED WEIGHT.

JJ said, “Well, but you’ve only done the easy part of training so it’ll change.”

I wanted to punch him in the face. I’ve only done the EASY PART????

That’s just great.

I think Ana is laughing hysterically at me now. She sees the size XX jeans I now wear. She sees the way I look in pictures with friends. She feels the jiggle of tummy. She sees me running my butt off to no avail. And she LAUGHS.

But I’m not running to lose weight.

I’m running to raise money so precious humans who do not have WATER can have it. WATER, people.

With my killer playlists and wireless ear phones, safe neighborhoods, fantastic running shoes, running clothes that are appropriate for any weather, and fresh, clean water before AND after every run, I’m worried about my WEIGHT???

I only listen to my worship playlist when I run. I find that God pushes me forward in my runs and has my focus entirely on Him and why I’m running.

Water is the beginning. But World Vision goes into these communities and meets their basic needs so that God can meet their forever need.

A little while ago, I decided to read the Bible straight through. In all my Christiantastic life, I have never done this. I have been AMAZED at how all the little Bible stories I’ve heard my entire life are making so much sense as one big Story.

I just finished Deuteronomy. Moses has passed the torch for leading Israel over to Joshua, as they head into the Promised Land. In the first five books of the Bible, it has astonished me how gracious God is. How patient and loving. Through Israel’s CRAZINESS of idolatry, adultery, murder, you name it – over and over, He remains true to His promise and His people.

They witness MIRACLES in front of their faces and immediately turn on Him.

And He loves them anyway.

There is justice and there are consequences.

But always love.

This God of love is why I’m running. Yes, they need water. They need God much more.

If you want to give clean water, click on the photo below! ANY AMOUNT HELPS!!

25% down, 75% to go.

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