Sunshine Blogger Award

Sometimes, perfect timing actually happens. I’ve really struggled lately with whether I should keep blogging. I love it, but it takes a lot of time, sometimes hurts in the catharsis it provides, and it’s hard to know if you’re really even making a difference to anyone else.

Right as I’m feeling this way, two fellow bloggers threw out my name for the Sunshine Blogging Award. I had not heard of it, to be honest, but it’s a great way for the blogging community to recognize and encourage each other while helping to increase the blog presence of those we really admire.

So thank you, Jill of Food, Feelings and Freedom, and Em from From Famine to Feast!If you enjoy my blog, I think you will find theirs up your alley as well, so I encourage you to stop by and check them out! These were the questions they asked, so hopefully you learn something new about mommystrongtx!

What has been your favourite age, and why?

Elementary school – hands down! I loved myself, and others. I looked at the world purely and without judgment. The only time I remember being embarrassed was when my mom was playing country music loudly as she dropped me off or picked me up at school. I was country when country wasn’t cool.

What things do you collect?

I collect Christmas tree ornaments when I travel!

Do you work better with actual lists or with mental lists?

Actual lists ALWAYS. I’ve always had a bad memory but since having a kid, it’s ridiculous. We got to the grocery store without our list the other day and it was a DISASTER.

Do you meditate? Why or why not?

I’m a Christian, and I pray, which I consider a form of meditation. I’ve tried other more traditional “ommm” meditation but it doesn’t really work for me. Neither does yoga, which I know will probably make me lose followers on here.

Do you like brunch and if you do, what’s your favourite brunch food?

I always have a “sweet or savory” argument with myself first. Once I have figured that out, it usually comes down to pancakes or eggs benedict. And please, don’t do weird stuff to either one of them. I need buttermilk pancakes with butter and maple syrup, or ham with poached egg and hollandaise ONLY on my benedict. Why do people have to complicate things? It’s why Katherine is spelled a million ways.

Also, referencing the list question above: I actually had to google “ham poached egg hollandaise” because I couldn’t remember the dish is called “eggs benedict.”

What is one thing you are most proud of?

My daughter. She astounds me every day. I can’t believe she came out of me (or my husband, for that matter).

Do you have any pets? Want any?

I have two dogs, Hugo and Boss. Get it?

I’ve had Boss (front) since he was a puppy and he’ll be 9 in December. He lets me hold him like a human baby. I kept one of his puppy teeth in a ziploc. We were separated for 3 months while my husband and dogs were in Seattle and LK and I had moved here. Who did I miss most? You got it.

Hugo (back) was our first foster dog. We never took him back – straight up foster fail. His name was Snowball – barf. So I FB crowd-sourced for a new name and voila – Hugo. He’s 11, is now missing most of his teeth, and looks scared all the time.

What is a risk you took that paid off?

Everything about JJ has been a risk. Here’s the list:

  • I had dated him for 2 weeks before moving to TX. I stayed in TX for 30 days then moved back to Seattle for him.
  • He was starting school again and had 4 years ahead of him when we met. He could not tell me anything about what future he wanted other than school.
  • I moved in with him, despite him not knowing if he ever wanted to get married.
  • I married him, despite him not knowing if he ever wanted kids.
  • I stayed with him, not knowing if he would ever leave Seattle.

Good thing it all paid off!

What aspect of your life are you currently working on? (Work? Personal? Health?)

Probably fairly obvious, but recovery – all things recovery. Included in this: accepting my body, rejecting diet mentality and culture, and reconciliation with my faith.

What is your favourite quote?

In Friends, the scene where Chandler, Rachel, and Ross are moving a couch up a flight of stairs and they are having the hardest time fitting it around a corner.


Life is all about the pivots. If something is getting all wonky: adapt, be flexible, listen to your friends, go with it and see what happens.

Turns out the couch flew off the side of the stairs and they were wildly unsuccessful. But still.

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  1. Jill says:

    Lovely to get to know more about you! x I LOVE that friends quote as well (I just moved into a new place and was laughing about it the whole time).

    1. I’ve always said that there’s a Friends quote for every situation!

  2. Em says:

    I love your elementary memories. What a great picture – kids look so small on horses! It was really great reading these. I’m with you; don’t complicate my food. Pancakes with syrup are perfect.

  3. Maggie says:

    Yay,for your award!

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