10 Truths about Recovery

The #1 question I hear in the eating disorder community is:

“How do I recover?”

That’s it.

People suffering from an eating disorder want OUT, but don’t know how. So, here I am to share…

TRUTH 1: While recovery is NOT linear, you are always moving forward. Each moment takes you closer to recovery.

TRUTH 2: There are no failures. When something happens that you want to call a failure, it’s really an opportunity to gather information about yourself for next time.

TRUTH 3: Recovery is a process, not perfection. Processes require editing, adjusting, and discovering. You’re not meant to be perfect at recovery. In fact, that’s not even a thing.

TRUTH 4: Do the next right thing. Focus on right now, this moment. “Recovery” is an overwhelming goal (as is “intuitive eating” or whatever else you call your ultimate goal with food). Have a daily intention, morning intention, or breakfast intention instead.

TRUTH 5: Have a treatment team. You may not think you need professionals, that you aren’t “that bad”. You may think you can quit seeing them after a while, that you’ve been doing well. Without support, though, your recovery can fly back in regression. Stick to your team.

TRUTH 6: Listen to your treatment team. You’ll think they are insane or out to have you gain weight sometimes, but they really do have your best interests in mind. Your head is swimming with ED thoughts; you have to listen to the professionals.

TRUTH 7: Have your “person,” at least one person you can talk to when you are overwhelmed by urges. Call that person BEFORE you give in, even if you have every intention of giving in.

TRUTH 8: Feed yourself recovery-focused information. Make sure the messages you’re getting are moving you in the right direction. Delete triggering email subscriptions and social media. Subscribe to email newsletters, follow social media and blogs, whatever you need to do to get true messages about your body, weight, size.

TRUTH 9: Share your story. Others will relate, I promise. Use your experience for good. It has helped me so much to have this blog and “come out” about my eating disorder.

TRUTH 10: Plan ahead. Plan for you want to happen, and plan for what you will do if that thing doesn’t happen.

I would love to hear from you in the comments:

  1. Which truth do you struggle to believe?
  2. What action could you take today towards recovery?

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  1. Em says:

    The biggest truths I struggle with are believing I’m not fat, and believing that my body is not an indicator of my worth. It is the first belief and the hardest to fight. “Everything would be better if I wasn’t fat”. As to recovery today, I’m been bingeing on Fridays, of late, telling myself that it’s a good thing, regardless of the fact that it’s actually making me miserable. It is hard to differentiate between “eating what I want” and bingeing. I’m going to work on that today.

    1. I totally get that. Perception isn’t everything, but it’s a LOT! I have been working on these same areas lately. I’ve found that by exploring other things I’m interested in, I start to see how my worth CAN come from other places. I’ve also been learning from my dietitian about the difference between a “subjective” and “objective” binge. Regardless, if I feel out of control, it feels like a binge. I literally ask myself many times per day, “What do I want to eat?” and have the hardest time figuring that out! I’m with you. I’m proud of you for working on your recovery!

      1. Em says:

        Thank you. Proud of you as well. Recovery from an ED is the hardest fight.

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