Game Changer

“Success or failure can only be measured according to self-imposed goals.”

Landis, R. B. (2013). Studying engineering: A road map to a rewarding career. Los Angeles, CA: Discovery Press)

3 Game Changing Conclusions:

  1. Whether you succeed or fail is decided by YOU. Other people – your spouse, parents, kids, boss, friends – do NOT decide whether you succeed or fail.
  2. I need some goals in order to succeed or fail. I only know if I’ve succeeded or failed by my own goals. Goals that I have set. I decide what is success. I decide what is failure.
  3. The only way other people decide whether I succeed or fail is if my goals involve their standards, ideals, or approval. My goals are self-imposed, meaning I make them. However, I may make a goal that I think is owned by me, but is only mine because of cultural expectations or ideas.

Let’s see how this can play out…

  • Example goal: I want to be thin.
  • Example goal: I want to have a 6-figure salary.
  • Example goal: I want a big house.

These are pretty common goals that people in our society have. They say “I want” in the goal (emphasis on the “I”), but WHY are these my goals?

  • These are the things society values, thinks are necessary, or make someone cool, popular, respected, etc. I need to feel liked, worthy, so these are the self-imposed goals I set.
  • If society didn’t value these things, would I still value them? Would these still be my goals?

But, who defines success or failure of these goals? If my goal is to be thin, is that because I actually want to be thin or because I think that people will like me, think I’m attractive, and have great discipline?

The notion that my success or failure is defined my own self-imposed goals empowers me. I can decide that being thin is NOT my body goal. I can determine a new goal for my body in which I define success or failure based on my own standards and ideals, based on my faith that this body is God’s temple.

How do you measure your success or failure? Do you have goals? If yes, are they what you truly want, based on what you truly value?

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