#mommystrong’s greatest hits

Because many people have started following #mommystrong recently (thank you!), I wanted to direct followers to my most popular and favorite posts (this mirrors the Best of #mommystrong page so you can always refer back there as well).

My two main goals with this blog are:

  1. Support those who are experiencing eating disorders to feel that recovery is possible and provide resources.
  2. Self catharsis as I process and reflect my own anorexia recovery journey.

My Story

After 40 years, God showed up.

The best frenemy there ever was. And I do mean WAS.

On aging and anorexia

Ten years an orphan

Peggy Sharp is not completely fine

1 step forward; 13.1 miles back

Ana’s Reason 3: My parents marriage. And divorce. And remarriage. To each other.

Happening now: Peggy v. Ana – The Battle of the Bagel

Does this ____ make me look fat?

The real deal on recovery

Introducing Ana.


Diary of an Actual Anorexic

Diary of a Psychological Anorexic

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