the best podcast EVER.

My super amazing anti-diet dietitian recently introduced me to Food Psych, a fantastic podcast about all things body acceptance, including:

  • Diet culture
  • Fat acceptance
  • Eating disorder recovery
  • Intuitive eating
  • Making peace with food


Christy Harrison, the host, is absolutely fantastic. She has great experience with food writing (ironically what catalyzed her own ED recovery), and has been educated, trained, and taught/counseled as a (anti-diet) dietitian for many years. Each episode, she interviews an expert in one of the areas around body acceptance so you also learn about other great people in this movement.

I have added the podcast to the Recovery Talks page and her website ( is now linked on the sidebar of #mommystrong.

PLEASE check it out!

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One Comment

  1. mamashakes

    Love this podcast!!

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