Under the Surface: Ana’s 13 Reasons Why.

I watched both seasons of the controversial Netflix original series, 13 Reasons Why. I agreed with a lot of it, actually. I don’t believe in blaming others for my choices, which the main character did, but I do believe that when enough crap piles on top of more crap, the result is an avalanche that can end in a huge disaster of loss.

In treatment for the last ten months, I have met with two individual therapists, three group therapists, two dietitians, two doctors, two psychiatrists, and countless other nurses and staff who specialize in eating disorders.

Focus for a lot of this has been on what’s going on UNDERNEATH Ana. What is she covering up? No lie, when I tried to figure this out, I came up with Ana’s 13 Reasons Why. I will disclose these reasons as a series of posts to help others understand why they or their loved one may be struggling with an eating disorder. The reasons may not be the same, but the challenges and feelings may sound quite familiar.

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