It’s all about who you know. Or who knows you.

Did anyone notice I just spent the month of August doing the following:

  1. Going public with my anorexia/depression diagnosis (yes it was as terrifying as it sounds)
  2. Making a Mommystrong Facebook page
  3. Inviting ALL of my FB friends to like the page…twice (more terrifying the first time than the second)
  4. Posting to #mommystrong every 2-3 days (challenging my feelings/thoughts avoidance that is central to Ana)
  5. Tweaking #mommystrong such that every time you visited something was different (challenging my creativity skills that have laid dormant much of my existence)
  6. AND…going social media crazy! In an effort to share my story and resources that have helped me, I have been active on all my existing social media AND signed up for FOUR more…these include:

Existing fan favorites: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Pinterest

Newly added: Tumblr, Google+, Mix, and Bloglovin’…I had never even heard of Mix and Bloglovin’. I’m especially addicted to Bloglovin’ as it’s just a space to find cool blogs! Follow my blog with Bloglovin

You can connect with me on any of these social media using the icons listed on the right sidebar. Follow me so I can follow you!

Please leave comments about posts you would like to see related to eating disorder recovery (particularly anorexia) and body image. I have a list of ideas for posts, but want to know what my followers would like to see! Thank you for all the follows, likes, and comments!


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  1. Katie says:

    Good for you being brave! It’s so funny what we think people will think about us and are afraid to share… and yet, no one has those bad thoughts about us. It’s all in our heads.

    1. #mommystrong says:

      Truth! Thank you for reading and following!

  2. Maria Sefchick says:

    Thanks for sharing your journey, we all have our battles, some secret, and when you speak up and open up you let us know we are not alone. I love your blog, do not stop. We need to be more authentic in social media and I think we will feel less isolated.

    1. #mommystrong says:

      Thank you so much Maria!

  3. aintnoatlas says:

    That’s brave to go public with that. Did you do it both with your blogging account and your personal identity? Both individually take a lot of courage. I ask because I have a mental health blog and I’m open there but I can’t begin to address the idea of trying to claim it on my personal accounts. The bravest thing I have been able to do is use some of the same pictures from both accounts. I saw that you invited all of your FB friends to like your page. That’s admirable, really.

    1. #mommystrong says:

      Thank you so much! Believe me, I kept this blog for MANY months before sharing it with ANYONE. Then I shared it slowly, with my husband and best friend, then close friends, then a few more friends and family. Finally, I decided I was ready to share my story in the hopes I could help others. That’s why I’ve added all the other pages with reading, music, videos…so it’s really a resource for people who aren’t sure what to do or how to get help. And just to know they aren’t alone. You’ll know when the time is right to go public…or maybe for you, you’ll decide it’s right for you to just share with a few loved ones.

    2. #mommystrong says:

      Oh and yes, I’ve basically shared posts to all my social media so everyone is in the know. 🙂

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