Happening Now: Peggy v. Ana – The Battle of the Bagel

Location: Starbucks, Seattle WA

Time: 3:00pm (afternoon snack time)

In one corner: Peggy, a 40 year old female with a husband and toddler, in the throes of recovery from anorexia and depression.

In the opposite corner, Ana, the eating disorder who has stolen sixteen years of Peggy’s life.

In the middle: a plain Starbucks bagel with (gasp!) CREAM CHEESE. A hush falls over the crowd.

Both fierce competitors, the bagel stands innocently between Peggy and Ana waiting for his demise. Either way, he will be destroyed, either by a digestive system or the compost bin.

Having been at the Starbucks close to two hours, Peggy has consistently thought about the bagel. It’s a huge risk (no pun intended). Ana hasn’t let Peggy have a bagel in…two years? Will Peggy have the courage to fight for her intuitive hunger or will Ana win again?

Peggy has been making a comeback in recent battles and we think she can pull it off today!

Peggy steps towards the middle of the ring: She goes to the counter and orders the bagel and cream cheese. She sneaks a peek at the calories posted and is actually surprised it’s lower than she thought.

She waits nervously for the barista to give her the order while Ana screams across the ring, “A BAGEL?! Are you out of your mind?? Can’t you feel it already on your belly and thighs? And cream cheese?! NO WAY are you having that!”

Ignoring Ana, Peggy gets excited by the smell of the warm bagel when she is handed the bag. She takes the bagel and cream cheese out of her bag.

Ana continues, “Okay. You ordered it but we can still save this. Just go throw it out. Throw it away! Throw it away! You have lost all discipline!”

Easing towards the middle of the ring, Peggy takes the bagel and smears cream cheese on one half. She looks at it. It looks at her. Ana tries one last time, “NOOOOOO you fat disgusting girl. You will be buying new big girl jeans by next week if you eat this.”

Peggy thinks about her friends suffering tragedies this week. She thinks about the kind of person, wife, mommy, and friend she wants to be. She remembers who God is and who He says she is. She remembers the qualities she loves in her favorite people, and how she’s working on those for herself. And she realizes she wants a damn bagel and can have it and still be acceptable.

And the winner of the Battle of the Bagel is…

Do you have any battles you’re fighting? How can you access the resources and support you need to fight and conquer?

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  1. Eleanor Triolo says:

    Loved it! You WILL win. You are the daughter of The King…beautiful and perfect.

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