Who says?

So. Here is one of my live-in intuitive eaters. LK enjoys food. She delights in it. She experiences it with her mind and body. She also knows what foods she doesn’t like. She tries new things that we ask her to and forms her own opinion. She says “all done” regardless of what’s left on her plate when she is full. She tells me when she is hungry and wants a snack, and she usually tells me what snack she wants. I admire her.

LK eating

The other day, we went to IHOP. Did you know KIDS EAT FREE? You’re welcome. Clearly, the photo above is not at IHOP. But I was too unaware of the powerful lesson she was teaching me to take a photo in the moment so here’s another photo of her delighting in her food.

I digress. We were at IHOP, and LK was eating her pancakes. She LOVES pancakes. She decided she wanted to put strawberry jam on them. I told her that jam doesn’t belong on pancakes. Then, I thought:

A) Who says jam doesn’t belong on pancakes?

B) That sounds absolutely delicious.

C) My daughter is a freaking genius.

So we put jam on her pancakes.

A few days later, I found myself having pancakes at another restaurant. I was enjoying them with the butter and syrup I love (yay me), and noticed strawberry jam on the table.

I spread the jam on my pancake, and you know what? It was amazing. Food rules are stupid. Creatively enjoying food is where it’s at.

jam on pancake

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  1. Eleanor Triolo says:

    Blueberry preserves or apricot jam too….just sayin

  2. Sarah (Rohde) Christie says:

    Yeah. Thank you for sharing your journey and your heart successes and challenges and all. I am learning alot from you and gaining understanding so I can love someone in a better way with greater understanding as they walk through their own journey . ….

    1. #mommystrong says:

      That’s awesome! Feel free to share #mommystrong with them as a resource!

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