Final decision.

The official recommendation by my treatment team was PHP; however, JJ and I were already on the outpatient train by then. I couldn’t bear to burden everyone anymore, and requesting additional leave was going to require asking people at the university to donate. Then I would be responsible for THEIR leave if I didn’t get well. My dogs both fell apart and LK got 2 tummy bugs while I was at res, and I couldn’t leave JJ on his own anymore. And of course, it may not even work.

So on June 19th, I went home to start treatment at the outpatient level. This is a 90-day program involving:

  • One appointment per week with dietitian
  • One appointment per week with therapist
  • Psych and medical as needed

So, definitely a huge step down in program support.

I had the first appointment last week and they went really well. My therapist and I were able to identify some core issues we will focus on, and my dietitian adjusted my meal plan to be more flexible. She told me we will not focus on weight, but rather developing a positive relationship with food and getting back to allowing myself to have foods I like.

JJ is the most incredible support person I could ask for. He asks questions, but isn’t bossy or pushy. Each night, we review my meal plan and talk about what happened and how to move forward. I’m struggling to meet the meal plan but am doing better than before I started treatment.

And I LOVE being back at home with my family and back at work with my team and students. I’m very blessed.


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