Family. Support. Family support.

My aunt and uncle, who I have mentioned here and there, came to visit last week to help us with childcare and support me on this journey. I don’t know how to adequately explain how amazing they are. My dad’s brother and his wife, they told me I was one of theirs the day my dad died. Ten years later, I am closer to them than ever and so grateful that they have included me in their family. My cousins’ (their kids) kids are my only cousins, and therefore, all of LK’s cousins on my side. It’s important to me that we stay connected to them.

So Aunt and Uncle visited. They met with my therapist and me, took LK to daycare and kept her for two days, and went to the grocery store for JJ. I managed to miraculously earn weekend passes despite feeling like I didn’t eat much, so we also got to enjoy the weekend away from TC. Of course, my passes involved meals too. With three support people along, I managed to basically follow my meal plan with some minor skimping.

More importantly, Aunt and Uncle provided incredible emotional and mental support. I was very honest with them, and they loved me anyway. They asked a lot of questions to understand Ana and get beneath her to exploring some of the WHY of Ana. They are super encouraging people and it meant a lot that they came to support us.

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