Pass Fail.

I had a weekend pass on Sunday for a few hours. The plan was to go home and play with LK and the dogs while JJ took a well-deserved break.

I took the freedom of not having another adult around, particularly a support person, to fail big time.

  1. I did not eat the AM snack I was supposed to.
  2. I took LK and the dogs for a walk around the nearby lake (approximately 3 miles at a decent pace).

So, no food and unapproved exercise. Pass fail.

One success was that I got to do some chores. This helped me contribute to taking care of my family and helping JJ, which I have felt extremely guilty for not doing the past few weeks.

Today, I will have a case management meeting with my therapist and find out if I am eligible for weekend passes. I hope so, but I doubt I had enough meal plan compliance. My aunt and uncle came in town last night for a week. I will see them today and am so thankful for their support. I feel like such a burden, and ashamed for needing so much help.

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