A friend sent me a Huffington blog post: Mommy, Do You want to be Skinny?

My 23 month old daughter is one of my primary motivations to recover. If I can get this thing nipped in the bud, she may have no memory of Mama’s body image issues or eating disorder. I want to be a role model for her, of course. I want her to love her body, but really to just love her whole self. Her best example will be me.

Recently, she stepped on my scale and said, “Mommy scale”. Sometimes, she says, “Daddy work” and “Daddy sleep” because those are commonly what she hears he is doing. When she said “Mommy scale”, my heart broke.

After reading the above post, I know what I want her to say: “Mommy Strong.”

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In recovery from anorexia and depression as a 40 year old wife and mom of a toddler. Discovering who I am and hoping to help others along the way!

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