Skipping lunch.

I am supposed to be at lunch with girls from work right now. I could have gone, but I looked at the menu online and didn’t see any good options I could eat. Also, another person got invited that I don’t know well and I didn’t want to deal with that.

Another social function missed. I feel pretty isolated.

I start treatment tomorrow. I almost skipped eating anything for breakfast because I’m worried that I will have to start eating more and gaining weight when I start the daily program tomorrow (they call it PHP). So there’s a thought that I should eat less today because it’s my last chance, even though I will have control from 3pm-8am and weekends.

My best friend has been on breakfast duty for a couple of weeks and has done an awesome job of supporting me with that. She has only missed a day or two, and that’s because of a family tragedy. I have really appreciated having her daily support.

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